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Let George do it




     Setting the Context

This section was written shortly after George Bush, Jr. announced his candidacy for the President of the United States.

At that time, the following story seemed so outlandish that for a long time it was simply left as an unused document in a computer file. 

As I see it today, it's just one more possible truth in a saga of countless, absurd distortions of what used to be the American Republic.  



The first readers of the story below said that it should be left out because its inclusion would make the author look like a kook and an eccentric and a member of the lunatic fringe

Well, perhaps they are right, and we shouldn’t look at what is written below because if the allegations set forth are actually true, then faith in our entire system of government becomes severely shaken.   And if we stopped believing in the fairy tales that our government officials and our church leaders regularly peddle to us, we just might demand the government represent the people instead of the ego-atheists who now rule the world with all but impunity towards the people.   

In spite of the potential, negative label attached, the decision was to include the following and let you, the reader decide.   So your comments are invited.    Please Contact Us.




Let George Do It.

George W. Bush, the son of former President George Bush, Senior  ( an ultra-conservative, born-again Christian and a staunch anti-abortionist)  could be the next President of the United States.  It appears that George Junior either believes the anti-abortionist-promoted fairytale about "God's Conception Magic Act" or he has sold his soul to the anti-abortionist in exchange for their votes.**1

Another even more troubling aspect of this possibility is that George Junior is a chip off the old block.  The plan for George Junior to become president is the most heavily financed political campaign in all of American history and has been in the works for a long, long time.   Now you say “So what?” and think George Senior is a nice guy.   Well, perhaps he is, as long as you’re willing to forget his role in the Iran-Contra Scandal.   Although it was proven that he and Reagan secretly sold military hardware to Iran  (supposedly for the release of the American hostages)  it was never proven that they bribed the Ayatollah Khomeini to hold those American Embassy hostages until after the 1980 election.

In case you have forgotten, the freedom or lack of freedom of those American hostages was the deciding factor in the 1980 Presidential election.   This was an extremely close, political race, and if the hostages were freed prior to the election, Jimmy Carter would win.   If they stayed in Iran until after the election, Reagan and Bush would win.   Thus, the Ayatollah Khomeini was in a power position with the capacity to decided which candidate would become the next President of the United Sates.

Remember now, as was publicly stated and well known, Khomeini  hated Americans and would do anything he could to screw America.   Next, ask yourself why would George senior violate American law and American policy by arming someone who hated Americans?   What did he have to gain by bribing Khomeini?

After they got caught bribing Khomeini, he and Reagan claimed that their intention was to get the hostages released, but that doesn't that make any sense?   Why would he offer weapons of war to  Khomeini for the release of the hostages when releasing the hostages would cause Bush and Regan to lose the election?   The only logical answer is:  "He wouldn't.  That would be in direct contradiction to his goal of becoming vice president.   But he certainly had the incentive to bribe Khomeini to have the hostages remain in captivity until after the presidential election.

We have no physical proof of his motives, BUT. . .   George Senior was in Iran at precisely the right time with the means, the motive, and the opportunity, to bribe the Ayatollah.   Not only that, because of his CIA connections, (Bush Senior was formerly the director of the  CIA) he had the capacity to cover it all up under a cloak of government secrecy.   Talk about foxes in the hen house . . . 

And then there was the mysterious helicopter crash that aborted President Carter's military attempt to rescue the hostages.   The cause of the crash which killed several American servicemen was never investigated because the wreckage was in the hands of Khomeini.   Was that crash an accident, or is it possible that it was part of Bush senior's game plan?   We will never know for certain and such speculation is pretty far out to be believable, but when we examine the behavior that we do know about, it certainly is a distinct possibility:

 1)  George Senior, because of his CIA connections, had the means and the opportunity to cause that helicopter to be tampered with; 2)   he had the motive --  if the rescue attempt was successful, he and Reagan would lose the election; 3)  he had already committed himself to serious criminal activity; and 4)  he had the capacity to get away with it.   

And then you have to question the mental capacity of a man who would (later in the gulf war)  spend billions of your tax dollars,  send  hundreds of thousand of American troops into Iraq,  sacrifice the lives of hundreds of servicemen and thousands of Iraq soldiers,  walk up to Saddam Hussein's door step and then turn around and go home leaving that demonic, self-confessed, mass murder in control of Iraq.   If he had done the job right in 1990, American wouldn't be dying daily in Iraq today, and you and I wouldn't be paying still another $87,000,000,000  for a war that could easily have been finished thirteen years ago.



So where does all that leave us?   What do you think happened?   What are the possibilities?

If George senior did, indeed, bribe the Ayatollah Khomeini, to hold the hostages until after the election, then he and Reagan indirectly but definitely stole the presidency of the United States from its rightful recipient, Jimmy Carter, and thus, drastically changed the course of human history.   And, do you suppose it’s just strange coincidence that the hostages came home from Iran on the very day that Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States?

And how do you ever find the truth in such a situation.   Well, you don’t for two reasons.   First because of the heinous nature and horrendous magnitude of the alleged crime.   If in fact, a crime did occur, then all evidence would have been carefully and systematically destroyed, and all participants and witnesses, with the exception of the very highest principals, would have had short life expectancies. **2

Just imagine for a moment how different the world would be today if the visionary and master-humanitarian,  [Nobel Prize Winner and trained nuclear engineer]  Jimmy Carter has been reelected President of the United States instead of the inept, ultra-conservative, anti-sexual, antiabortionist, second-rate actor, Ronald Reagan and his buddy George Senior.

And second, the truth in this case almost certainly went the way as the truth in the Kennedy assassination.   Why?   Because the people accused of committing the crimes are the very same ones who did the investigation to see if a crime occurred. (George Senior was the Director of the CIA for years.)

So, if George Senior did in fact bribe the Ayatollah Khomeini, then George Junior is the son of a disgusting criminal and not simply the son of a former President.   But that’s present-day, American politics for you and that’s present day, American justice.   And that’s also the climate in which a staunch anti-abortionist and supporter of “Egg Rights” could end up being in the White House.   Would you like to welcome Big “D” to the White House… again?

Yes, I know such a possibility is scary as hell, so let’s just erase the possibility from our minds.   After all, this whole theory is purely speculation.   Let’s instead, focus on something really important, like who won the ball game today.

You’ve probably heard the pronouncement that people make when they don’t want to get involved in something.   They knowingly or unconsciously refer to the days of the first American President.   They say, “Let George do it.”   Well we just might have manifested that saying in the worst possible way.   So turn around, drop your drawers, and bend over again.   There’s another George coming your way.   Yes, “Let’s let George do it.”


Play a little guessing game:  Can we get up close and personal for a moment?   Suppose  that your life depended upon you picking the correct choice between two possibilities.   If you choose the wrong answer, you and your entire family die immediately.   If you choose the right answer you live and receive ten million dollars.  Here are your two choices:   Choice one:  George senior bribed the Ayatollah Khomeini to keep the hostages until after the 1980 presidential election.   Choice two:   He didn't.   If you were forced to choose between these two answers,  and the absolute truth was about to be revealed, which answer would you bet your life on?



**1   Now that we see Mr. Bush in action, it appears that we have a manifestation of the "worst case scenario."  Both are true.  

In regard to believing the born again story, he's obviously one of the reformed sinners.   When asked about his alcohol problem, he said:  "I'm a humble sinner who found redemption,"  and many of his close advisers come directly out of ultra-conservative Christian religious organizations.

With regard to selling out to the fundamentalist, Christian anti-abortionists for political support, the section titled, "Faith Based Initiative"  clearly answers that question.

The wise will take heed to the old adage, "There are non so self-righteous as a reformed sinner."


**2   If you doubt this for even one second, I invite you to look at the statistics regarding mysterious deaths of those close to the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy.





On 9-11-2001

Why Were the NORAD Jets Grounded?

NORAD --  North American Aerospace Defense Command

The most sinister aspect of  the World Trade Center attack is the fact that no fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the  hijacked, commercial airliners.   Four, commercial jet passenger planes were in the air for over an hour after being hijacked.   But not one interceptor was scrambled to stop them.   WHY WERE THE NORAD PLANES GROUNDED?      WHO ORDERED THE PLANES GROUNDED?

You may recall the NORAD response  a few years ago (October 25, 1999)  when  a famous golfer, Payne Stewart, was killed in a airplane accident.   He and five others on a small, private Lear-35  jet took off from Orlando, Florida heading for Dallas, Texas.   Shortly after takeoff the plane went off- course and failed to respond to any radio calls.   Within minutes NORAD fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the plane.   In less that fifteen minutes from the first report of trouble, a fighter jet was flying along side the wayward airplane.   This was simply a flight that was off-course and had lost radio contact.    There was no sense of any sinister implications, and still, in less than fifteen minutes, the plane was intercepted.

On September 11th, 2001, four,  separate, commercial airliners went off-course at the same time.    All four turned off their transponders.   All four refused to answer radio calls.   It was obvious that the four commercial jetliners had been simultaneously hijacked.

The context of this event was equally sinister.   First, terrorist attacks were being systematically carried out around the world.   Second, America was the most hated enemy of those responsible for terrorist violence.   And third, U. S. government officials had ample warnings that terrorists intended to attack American targets.

Given the event and its context, the  sinister implications of four commercial jet liners being simultaneously hijacked were astronomical.   Yet in the face of all this evidence, no NORAD interceptor jets were scrambled.    The hijacked  planes were in the air for over an hour and still the NORAD jets remained grounded.   WHY?

Any time a plane is reported off-course, it's standard operating procedure to scramble the NORAD jets and intercept the plane to see what's happening.   It doesn't take an order from the President, or Congress, or the Judiciary to do this.   It's done automatically!   It's standard procedure.   But it does take a special order to make those interceptors stand down.   It does take a special order to stop those interceptors from doing their job.

Whoever gave that order was part of a government plot to allow the 9-11 tragedy to occur.   Someone, acting in an official capacity as an agent of the United States government, participated in creating, or at minimum allowed, the 9-11-2001 tragedy to occur.   WHO GAVE THAT ORDER?   Why is this question not being asked and answered?


"The Buck Stops Here"

Former President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk in the White house that read "The Buck Stops Here."   The saying derives from the slang expression "pass the buck" which means pass the responsibility on to someone else.

There is still doubt about who gave the "stand down" order to NORAD on September 11, 2001, but there is no doubt about who is responsible for covering up the name of the person who gave that order.


When George Jr. is asked a tough question he responds with,  "I answer to a higher power."   By his actions, one has to ask if it's really a higher power he is answering to.    But when, we all know that when someone is conned by those peddling evil, they simply don't know up from down.   And besides, when someone is standing on his head, which way is up?




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The fighter pilot observed frost on the inside of the window indicating a loss of cabin pressure.  The frosted windows also indicated that everyone on board was probably already dead.   The plane, operating on autopilot,  flew until it ran out of fuel and crashed near Aberdeen, South Dakota.