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We Bring the Light of Truth to the Abortion Issue.


Responsibility --
The Key to Resolving  the
Unwanted Pregnancy  Problem




  Looking for the Answer:

There is no simple one-word solution to the unwanted pregnancy problem.   There are no  magic, silver bullet answers, either.   

What do we do in the interim between now and the day we have foolproof contraception universally used?  There are several steps we could take that would greatly alleviate both the severity of the problem and its emotional anguish.  

Let's begin with
Applying it would be a big step toward the resolution.



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Responsibility -- What is it?

1)  Responsibility as Obligation:  This is the forethought, pre-planning, and problem prevention aspect of responsibility.  This is the willingness to act in an manner that is good, wise, right, honest, and just for all concerned in the long run.    It's caring for others with the same compassion and intensity that one would apply to one's self.   It involves knowing how to live, work and play in a manner that brings forth one's future experiences by conscious intent rather than by accident, default, or happenstance.

2)  Responsibility as Accountability:  This is the after the fact, cleaning up your own messes aspect of responsibility.   It's staying around to complete what one has started.   It's answering the question,  "Considering the present time, place and circumstances, how do I respond in a manner that is the long term best interest of all concerned?"   It's the cause/ agent/ source being answerable for his/her own creation.   It's honoring one's commitments, fulfilling one's promises.   It's meeting one's debts and obligations.

Now that we've defined responsibility,  how to we apply it to the abortion/ inpreterm issue?   First, we need to examine where we are -- what are our present circumstances -- what is our context.  




The Present-time  Context in Which the Decisions Must be Made

1)  The world already has far more human beings on it than we (in our present social structures) can properly care for.

2)  Now and in the near future, no matter what we do some people are going to die.   Our job is to minimize the number of deaths.

3)  Now and in the near future, no matter what we do some people are going to live in misery and poverty.   Our job is to minimize misery and poverty.

4)   We do not know, with provable certainty, whether a human being is his/her physical body (created by God at conception) or an eternal divine being simply entering a physical body, or just a clump of dust that has magically acquired consciousness.

5)   We simply do not know with provable certainty: 

a)    what life is

b)   what the source is that animates physical bodies, 

c)   when an independent life begins

d)    what occurs after the body dies.

6)   We are in the middle of an extremely costly and highly divisive religious war over the question:  

Shall we force unwilling pregnant women into motherhood?  Or shall we honor every pregnant woman's rights, needs, desires, and choices?   Shall we prohibit or allow them the option to choose not to become a mother?   Shall we allow them access to safe, legal abortions.

7)   The religious war over abortion rights and the consequences of present anti-choice activities have and are continuing to consume billions of dollars and millions of hours of productive labor.

8)  Birth control research is grossly under funded.   Foolproof contraception is years away.

9)  A very significant portion of sexually active people are not being responsible in either the obligation  or accountability  sense.   Millions of unwanted pregnancies  occur every year, with devastating consequences, for individuals, for our social structure, and for our Earthly environment.

10)   The ant-abortion war must end.   We have a multitude of other far-more-pressing problems.   The devastating consequences of our environmental ignorance and arrogance are changing our world in ways we have yet to fully comprehend.    We simply cannot afford to divert our attention, our time, and our resources into forcing unwilling women to bear still more unwanted children.




How Does Responsibility Relate to  the abortion/ inpreterm issue?

Step one is responsible sexual activity:   That means every person being responsible for his/her own sexual activity, both before and after the fact.

Failure to met one's obligations (avoid pregnancy)  pushes the woman into accountability with two looser choices:

      1)   She can have an abortion in her present belief system.   This  fills
             many women with fear, guilt and anguish,  or

      2)   She can bringing still another unwanted child into an 
             already overcrowded world.

The fact that most males are not willing to be responsible for the unwanted pregnancies they created is simply ignored by those leading the anti-abortion war.   Women are called sluts and whores and accountability is demanded of them, but men are simply "sowing their wild oats."   As the old saying goes:  "If men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament."

Will Personal Sexual Responsibility End Abortion?   NO!  Because people are presently not being responsible, and that's not likely to change in the near future.  Unwanted pregnancies will continue to occur.  That's simply a fact of life.




Where Could Accepting Responsibility Be Effective?   

There are several aspects of this controversy where responsibility is relevant and where accepting it could significantly reduce the social chaos surrounding abortion / inpreterm.

Accepting responsibility is to tell the complete truth about what we know and don't know about what life is, and when it begins.      Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to admit that there is no clear evidence defining what life is, and when it begins.   Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to admit that there are several theories about what life is, and when it begins, and all of them are theories.  None of them are proven fact.

Accepting responsibility is to offer evidence about the major theories (religious one-life-ism, reincarnation, and atheism) and then allowing everyone to decide for him/herself which theory to live by.     Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to promote and fund major birth control research.

Accepting responsibility is to take the billions of dollars that are presently being consumed fighting over egg rights and use much of that money to care for the 40,000 "already-born" babies that starve to death each and every day or die from curable diseases.    Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to look for, expose, and then closely examine the indirect costs of outlawing abortions, the costs of stifling sex education, the costs of inhibiting the dissemination of birth control devices.      Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to call for an impact study to determine what the affect will be of outlawing abortion.   Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to tell both sides of every issue and allow the listener to make up  his  or her own mind.

Accepting responsibility is being sure information put out to the public is accurate, complete and is  not misleading.   Ref.

Accepting responsibility is for those who call themselves Christian to follow scripture and use the Bible  in determining their stance on abortion.   Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to expose and examine the hidden and previously ignored aspect of the abortion controversy.    Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to take the billions of dollars that are presently being consumed fighting over egg rights and use that money find a safe, effective, foolproof method of eliminating unwanted pregnancies.

Accepting responsibility is to teach young people ways to attain safe sexual fulfillment with a partner without sexual intercourse.   Ref.

Accepting responsibility is to promote sex education.

Accepting responsibility is to promote the use of birth control methods and devices.

Accepting responsibility is to focus on caring for the people now living in abject poverty -- caring for the people who can't afford to care for their already born babies.

Accepting responsibility is to honor everybody's right to practice their own religion.

Accepting responsibility is  for each and every one of those who propose adoption as the only alternative to abortion to adopt several babies.

Accepting responsibility is  for those who propose adoption as the only alternative to abortion to examine the evidence to see if adoption is a viable alternative or is it another anti-choice fairytale.

Accepting responsibility is practicing what you preach.  (i.e.  Ending the Global Gag Rule.   Adopting several babies.  Honoring everybody's right to practice their own religion.   Actually following the Bible, if that is what you believe in and use as your basis for your decisions about abortion.)   

Accepting responsibility is never having an abortion if you believe it's wrong.

Accepting responsibility is caring for all those babies you are forcing women to bring into the world.   

Accepting responsibility is to distinguish fact from fantasy, reality from beliefs about reality, and acknowledging  that your beliefs are beliefs and not provable facts.

Accepting responsibility is saving the greatest number of "already-born' babies with the least amount of money, time, effort, and resources.

Accepting responsibility is to understand that no matter what you, I, or anybody else does, some lives will be lost.   Accepting responsibility is to take action to minimize those losses.

Accepting responsibility is having a home and the means of caring for a child before becoming pregnant.

Accepting responsibility is caring for and financially supporting every child that you caused to be brought into this world.

Accepting responsibility is  acknowledging the present findings which correlate the relationship  between sexual repression and physical violence.   Responsibility is promoting and funding additional research to confirm or refute that correlation.

Accepting responsibility is  proposing and supporting a research study to determine the source of and the consequences of present anti-sexual attitudes.  (i.e. What is the cost of stifling sex education,  inhibiting the use of birth control, etc.)

Accepting responsibility is  proposing and supporting a research study to determine the source of post-abortion guilt that some women experience.   We need to answer the question:   Is the post-abortion mental health issue the result  of a woman  intentionally terminating her pregnancy (inpreterm)?   Or are the psychological problems the inevitable result of  the mental programming induced by those opposed to abortion rights?

Accepting responsibility is to publicly oppose manipulating others by peddling fear and guilt.

Responsibility is to publicly oppose using  highly emotional misleading rhetoric.

Accepting responsibility is to publicly oppose deceiving others by omitting the truth;   to publicly oppose knowingly speaking half-truths;  to publicly oppose distorting the truth;  to publicly oppose engaging in intentional deception;   to publicly oppose ignoring, defying, or distorting  Biblical truths.

Accepting responsibility is to publicly oppose  intentionally using inflammatory rhetoric;  to publicly oppose  engaging in public prayer in order to be seen praying;   to publicly oppose  inciting to riot;  to publicly oppose  participating in a public disturbances.

Accepting responsibility is to publicly oppose  making threats, verbal or otherwise;  to publicly oppose  intimidating people;  to publicly oppose  harassing others;   to publicly oppose invading other people's privacy;   to publicly oppose censoring opposing opinions;   to publicly oppose belittling and slandering the reputation of others.

Accepting responsibility is to publicly oppose engaging in violence;   to publicly oppose committing assault against persons or property.

Accepting responsibility is to publicly oppose  secretly engaging in criminal behavior;   to publicly oppose   secretly engaging in influence peddling;   to publicly oppose using doublespeak and to publicly oppose using hidden agendas.

Accepting responsibility is vehemently opposing those who  do violence, vandalism, arson and murder  in the name of God.

Accepting responsibility is  to offer significant financial rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone engaging in abortion related criminal acativity such as violence, vandalism, arson, or murder.

Accepting responsibility is vehemently opposing using the abortion issue to gain money,  privilege,  political power,  personal power,  fame or ego-aggrandizement.





In the Absence of Responsibility, What Do We Do?

 In seeking a resolution to the abortion controversy, there appears to be only three, reasonable, self-honoring ways to eliminate unwanted pregnancies and the resulting abortions — 1)  no sex, 2) develop the perfect contraceptive, or 3)  follow a method of achieving sexual gratification that avoids sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.  We call this method "Sexual Security."

No Sex:  As a personal answer for some people, no sex is, indeed, an excellent answer; however, it is not an across-the-board, universal answer.   You are probably aware that no-choice advocates preach to anyone not legally married that “no sex” is the only answer to stopping unwanted pregnancies.

Given the rather limited circumstances under which it is applicable and its utter lack of success at stopping abortions, the “no sex” policy has proven to be a dismal failure.    Are people going to stop being sexual?   Of course not!   Then, is it not obvious that to apply no sex as the one and only solution to the abortion problem is about as realistic as eliminating cars in order to stopping traffic accidents?

The perfect contraceptive:   Unfortunately,  a foolproof contraceptive is not in our near future.   It is; however the most practical  and most universally acceptable, long-term solution.  In priority, it should be second only to saving  innocent children who are starving to death each day or dying of curable diseases.

Sexual Security  --   Sexual activity that is disease-free and avoids pregnancyUnless you have some magic answer that the rest of us have still not heard of,  sexual security is the only reasonable, self-honoring choice left for those who choose to engage in sexual activity.*[1]  

With regard to sexual security, the Pro-Truth Team is offering  a serious contender for the position of  "The most practical, reasonable, logical, and functional answer to unwanted pregnancies."    The method is explained on the page titled:  Sexual Security."°    

We don't claim to have the only answer, or even the best answer,  but at least we are moving dynamically and aggressively in the right direction.   If you have a comment to share with us or a better answer, let's hear it.°  



Unfortunately,  lack of responsibility is rampant, and what we presently call safe sex isn't very safe.   This brings up the next question:   

 “What do we do when ‘safe sex’ isn’t safe and an unwanted pregnancy results?”   That question is the main focus of this controversy.  Look at the evidence.   You decide for yourself.   But don't attempt to decide for the rest of us.

*[1]  Wouldn't you think those who really wanted to stop abortions would be demanding more money be put into research to find the foolproof contraceptive?  Wouldn’t you think they would be promoting sex education and the use of contraceptives?   Well, the no-choice promoters are against the use of the birth control pill, against the morning-after pill, against sex education, and the Roman Catholic Pope is even against the use of any form of birth control at all except “the rhythm method,” which is sexual abstinence during a woman’s fertile period.   The Pope's birth control technique is so effective that society has a special name for couples that use it.   They are called parents.




How Do We Responding to Those 
    Who Would Force Their Ways on Others?

That, too, is addressed on this web site on the page titled:   A Proposal for Resolving the Abortion Controversy




The Resolution that Transcends Abortion

The anti-abortion controversy is a gift or blessing that, on the surface appears to be quite the opposite of a gift.   The anti-abortion controversy is actually a forum for the evolution of human consciousness.   Of course this conflict is about abortion, but it's also about much more than that.   On the higher, grander scheme of things, this conflict offers an opportunity for us, as a global society, to re-examine the unprovable assumptions (the illusions) that we believe and act upon as if they were provable truths.

The no-choice voice is forcing us to examine our own ignorance, our arrogance, and naiveté -- forcing us to look at ourselves and see that much of what we believe about reality has absolutely nothing to do with reality.   The abortion conflict is a wakeup call and a blessing in disguise.   For that, we owe the no-choice people a word of thanks.    THANK YOU 

The Responsibility To Future Generations: 

You and I are stewards of the planet.   We are not it's owners.   We are guests here.  We are not Earth's conquers.   We are an integral part of an incredibly complex eco-system that encompasses the entire Earth.

We have a responsibility to future generations, which if reincarnations turns out to be the true assumption, will be you and me.   We have a responsibility to care for our planet and leave it in as good or better condition than it was when we arrived.    

We are absolutely responsible for reducing the number of human births on this planet.   Given the present critical condition of our global environment, did you ever wonder why the anti-abortion leaders are promoting the birth of still more unwanted babies?





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