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We Bring the Light of Truth to the Abortion Issue.


The Bottom Line

What the Anti-Abortion War 
Is Really About




   Ten of the Most Basic Truths

        About Abortion:



1)    Abortion is a religious freedom issue.

The abortion controversy is about violating or honoring our God-granted rights.  to freedom and self-determination -- about violating or honoring our God-granted right to determine our own destinies.   It's about honoring or dishonoring The United States Constitution..


2)     The Anti-abortion War Is  About  Politics.. 
               It's NOT  About Saving Babies !

If saving innocent lives is  not their true motivation, then what is?.   Those spearheading the anti-abortion movement have openly proclaimed their intention to dominate the Republican political structure and, in so doing, create what they call a “Christian America.”   But don't believe us!   Read it for yourself in the words of one of the movement's most adamant anti-abortionists, Ralph Reed.

         Active Faith - How Christians Are Changing the Soul of American
, By Ralph Reed; The Free Press;  New York, NY; 1996.

Their ant-abortion stance is merely a publicity ploy -- a means of manipulating their followers -- an emotional hook to sway public opinion.

If the true intention of the anti-abortion leaders is to save innocent lives, they are doing a dismally poor job.  They could save hundreds of thousands more lives by focusing on the 40,000 already-born children. who starve to death every day or die from curable diseases.   And they could do this without insulting, angering and alienating millions of people who are not devout Catholics or fundamentalist Christians.

The anti-choice leaders may be pro-embryo, but they certainly are not pro-life!


3)        The Truest Truth. About Abortion:

The “truest” truth about abortion.  is that we do not know the truth and have no way to find the truth.   When you are talking about abortion and you want to know the truth, you must first find the truth about what a human being actually is.   Are you (Am I)  a soul with a body, a body with a soul, or only a clump of dust. that has somehow magically acquired consciousness?   Are humans created by God at conception by an act of instantaneous, supernatural, transcendental magic or are we eternal, divine beings who merely inhabit human bodies?

Most people, who are not blinded by religious dogma in one of it’s many forms, would say that these questions are the ultimate mysteries in all of human life.   And yet, there is a highly vocal group of fundamentalists Christians claiming that they have the absolutely correct answers for these questions.   They also claim to have exclusive access to God.

The truest truth. about abortion is that you can't know the significance of abortion until you can solve the ultimate mysteries of life and answer dozens more equally puzzling and equally unanswerable, religious questions.  When you talk about abortion, you're also talking about God, about religion, and about when an independent human life begins..   And in this area:

Nobody can say with certainty that he or she is correct and that everyone else is wrong.


4)     Major Conflicting Beliefs:

Each of the three basic assumptions about life,  Atheism, Religious One-life-ism, and Reincarnation,.   gives a very different meanings to human life and to abortion.   Because the basic assumptions underlying each of these beliefs are mutually exclusive, two of them contain major errors.    This leaves billions of people making irreversible, life-altering decisions based on a false foundation -- a foundation that is equally as solid and equally as real as the fables about the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.

Even when millions of people believe something, that does not make it real.   When millions believed the Earth was flat, it was still round   The truth comes from what the evidence indicates to be reality and not from what others believe about reality..


5)     A Highly Complex Issue:

The abortion controversy is a highly complex issue.   To understand all the meanings and ramifications of both abortion and the anti-abortion war takes considerable time, effort, and study. The information on this web site and the two books it describes are an excellent place to start.

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE DEVIL®.Exposing and Examining the Hidden and Previously Ignored Aspects of the Abortion Controversy.

ABORTION -- THE SECRET RELIGIOUS WAR®. -- A View of Abortion Without the Illusions, the Unprovable Assumptions, or the Media Hype.


6)     Staggering Costs:

When one examines the amount of time,  effort, money, and resources  that are being consumed. by the anti-abortion war, it staggers the imagination.   The costs in terms of the poverty, grief and misery pushed onto desperate women all over the world (who are forced to birth unwanted children)  is a shameful disgrace.   The cost in terms of environmental destruction and the resultant species extinction (resulting from the births of far too many human babies than the environment can care for) is beyond imagination.

 The environmental destruction resulting from human overpopulation is making irreversible changes in the environment -- changes that will result in an ecological disaster -- a disaster  that, if not stopped and reversed will kill billions of people.   Given the current path of humanity, the question is no longer will a disaster occur, the only question is how soon will it occur and how devastating it will be.  


7)     Twisted Truth:

The truth about what abortion is and what it means  is being severely distorted by those opposing abortion rights.   The evidence, or more accurately, the lack of evidence is being completely ignored.   Speculations, conjectures, guesswork, opinions, and religious dogma are presently being peddled by the no-choice promoters as if their beliefs were provable facts.

                                               Reference:  Life.

                                               Reference:  Life Begins When?.

                                               Reference:  Have you ever been wrong?.

                                               Reference:  Core Assumptions.


8)     Unprovable Assumptions:

The entire anti-abortion war is based on several completely unprovable assumptions. such as:  1) “At every human conception, God creates a brand new soul,”  2) “Independent human life begins at conception,” and  3) “A human being is his/her physical body.”   These assumptions are in direct conflict with the Christian Bible. and in direct conflict with the religious beliefs of literally BILLIONS of other people..   These unprovable  assumptions are being sold to the public as if they were irrefutable truths.


9)     Religious Tyranny:

A highly organized, very dedicated group of ultra-conservative Christians. is attempting to force everyone else to practice their religion.   The anti-abortionists have every right to base their own lives upon any beliefs they so choose, but they have absolutely no right to use lies of omission, distortions of the truth, secular laws, threats, harassment, intimidation, violence, vandalism, arson, and murder to force their beliefs upon others.

Passing secular laws which restrict or interfere with a woman’s reproductive rights is nothing short of religious tyranny.  


10)     Pro-Death & Misery

An examination of the hidden and usually ignored consequences of the anti-abortion war indicates that the "pro-life" leaders produce mostly death and misery..   Why is that true?

Because they ignore the plight of already born babies.   Thousands of innocent children die for every embryo the no-choice leaders save.   The anti-abortion leaders allow 40,000 already born children to die each and every day because their true intention. is NOT saving lives!   


Please don’t believe or disbelieve us.   Read this book, listen to other opinions, examine any evidence you can find, and then draw your own conclusions.

Abortion in  Summary.

(The TLC Pro-Choice Position Statement)

The Abortion in  Summary. page offers a more in depth summary of  the hidden and previously ignored aspects of the abortion controversy.   If you will take the time to read the summary, you'll have a better  understanding of what the abortion  controversy is all about and why we are pro-choice.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Reading the Frequently Asked Questions. page is still another way of  understanding the abortion controversy and seeing it as a religious freedom issue.




     A Broader, More-Inclusive View

         of the Anti-Abortion War:


1)     Of course this conflict is about abortion, 
         but it's also about much more than that. 

On the higher, grander scheme of things, this conflict offers an opportunity for us, as a global society, to re-examine the unprovable assumptions (the illusions) that we believe and  act upon as if they were provable truths.  Thus, the anti-abortion war is actually a forum for the evolution of human consciousness.  

The no-choice voice is forcing us to examine our own ignorance, our arrogance, and naiveté -- forcing us to look at ourselves and see that much of what we believe about reality has absolutely nothing to do with reality.


2)     Some Old and Obviously False Assumptions:

There was a time when millions of people believed the Earth was flat.   People believed it flat simply because it looked flat,  because others said it was flat, and because they had no information to counter that belief.   There was a time when people believed the Earth was flat like a three-layered cake with heaven a place above the clouds and that hell a burning inferno beneath their feet.

There was also a time when many humans believed that some people were witches and therefore should be put to death.   One of the tests used to determine whether or not someone was a witch was to hold that person under water for several minutes.  If the person didn't drown, he (or she) was a witch, and if he did drown, he was innocent.   In the frantic search for witches, thousands were drowned.   And how many witches were discovered by that method.   None!   Nada!  Zero!   Zippo!

I point this out not to discuss witches, but to offer an example of an obviously false superstition that was held as reality, believed by millions -- a false belief that brought a torturous death to over two-hundred-thousands people and fear and misery to millions more.


3)     What Do you Believe?

Is it possible that some of our present beliefs are also false assumptions?   Do we know everything there is to know or is it possible that we are still missing some pieces of the truth?   If we actually are wrong about something, how can we know that we are wrong while we are being wrong?

If we believe something, does that make it real?   If a million people believe the Earth is flat,  does that make it flat?   If a billion people believe a fairytale, does that make it real?   Because our parents taught something to us before we reached the age of reason, does that make it real?

What's the difference between reality and a belief about reality?  In a society where several groups claim exclusive access to the truth, how do we determine which story actually is the truth?  Somebody must be living in an illusion.   How do we know it's not us?   What are the costs to present human society for living in illusions?   What are the costs in terms of grief, misery, and fear?   What are the costs in terms of loss of freedom, loss of heath, loss of joy, etc.?


4)     Fairy Tales, Truths, and Assumptions:

By today's standards for determining what is true and what isn't, which of the following statements are provable reality and which are not?   

Santa Clause:  Santa Clause is a real person who lives at the North Pole.   Is this a provable truth or simply another story?

The Tooth Fairy:  When a child looses a baby tooth, he (or she) can put that tooth under his pillow at night, and  while the he is asleep, the tooth fairy will come in, take the tooth and leave money under the pillow.   Is this a provable truth or simply another story?

The Easter Bunny:  The Easter Bunny hides all those colored eggs that children have so much fun searching for on Easter Sunday.    Is this Truth or simply another story?

Original Sin:  God who, in the Christian Bible, preaches love, forgiveness, and mercy, is actually a lying, unforgiving hypocrite.   Why?   Because He holds the record for keeping the longest, cruelest and most distorted grudge in all of creation.   Even today, He's still creating every human being inherently evil simply because one of our long-dead ancestors ate an apple from a forbidden tree.   And, as if that weren't cruel enough, He then abandons to some unknown cosmic trash bin the billions of human beings who don't get wet and prayed over by a Christian holy man.   Is this a provable truth or simply another story?

God and Magic:    Every time a human egg and sperm unite, God steps in and, by an act of instantaneous, supernatural, transcendental magic, transforms that egg into an eternal, everlasting life-spirit called a human being.  That brand new being did not exist before the egg and sperm united, but will continue to exist forever more.   God then throws fifty to seventy percent of his newly created humans into the cosmic trash bin. because he doesn't give these pregnant eggs a chance to grow into a complete body.  (washed out with menstrual flow or through miscarriages)   Is this a provable truth or simply another story?

A Human Being Is His or Her Physical Body:   Every newly fertilized human egg is a brand new, complete, separate, independent human being  -- this new human being is that egg -- the egg and the human being are one and the same.  Is this a provable truth or simply another story?

That egg, so small as to be almost invisible, also has full human rights, the same as any living breathing human being -- rights that supercede the rights of the woman in whom the egg resides.   Is this a provable truth or simply another story?

Osama Bin laden is right:   Everyone who does not support Islamic fundamentalism should be murdered.   Christians, Jews, and Americans should be murdered at every opportunity.   

Killing infidels is in the Koran, but is this a provable truth or simply another story?   We are not singling out Islam.  The sacred texts of all the major religions endorse violence against non-believers.    History buffs,  will recall the Christians gave us Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.   And what about the present-day anti-abortion leaders?

Any Action Is Justified If It Stops Abortion:   Including: 

Intentional Deception:.

Lies of omission  (deceiving others by omitting the truth)  

Peddling half-truths as if they were the whole truth,

Peddling half-lies as if they were the whole truth,

Distorting the truth,


Ignoring or distorting Biblical passages

Censorship of opposing views

Using inflammatory rhetoric,


Egocentric Chauvinism, 

Political and sexual repression,  

Heterosexual and homosexual hypocrisy,

Religious and racial bigotry,  


Oppression of women, 

Political tyranny and subjugation,

Disregard for the rights and beliefs of others


Anti-social and Criminal Behavior:.

Inciting to riot,    




Invasion of privacy,


Assault against persons, reputations, and property,


Secret criminal behavior




Arson, and



Is this a provable truth or simply another story?   

By the way, here are some things that, according to the anti-choice leaders,  aren't OK:  sex education,  birth control, and  family planning.

Freedom of Religion is for Fundamentalist Christians only:   You can believe anything you want to, but regarding the nature of what constitutes a human being, you must practice the anti-abortionists' version of Christianity.   Is this a provable truth or simply another story?

Readers are referred to the page titled:   Do You Believe in God?.


5)     Wolves in Sheep's Clothing:

The anti-abortion leaders may look like wonderful people and some of them are, but we also know that no devil worthy of the title  would ever come out as an evil one.  He would present himself to the world as a purveyor of what seemed like a worthy and noble cause.  As Jesus said,  "Be wary of wolves in sheep's clothing."

The anti-abortion leaders have distorted Christianity so badly that many true Christians are even ashamed to admit to being Christian and millions more have left the faith altogether.   The anti-abortionist leaders have abandoned the masterful teachings of Jesus (such as love, forgiveness, tolerance, honesty, pray in private, turn the other cheek, etc.) and are now teaching and promoting practices more common to Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein. (See the list above)

In arrogant self-righteousness, the wolves have apparently abandoned their sheep's clothing.


6)     The Cloak of Illusion Is Beginning to Unravel:

The anti-abortion peddlers have every right to base their own lives upon any beliefs they so choose, but they have absolutely no right to engage in abhorrent criminal  behavior and force their personal beliefs upon the rest of us.   By attempting to pass secular laws that force non-believers to practice their religion, they, in essence, have invited their cherished beliefs, their behavior, and the consequences of their actions, to be subjected to the light of open questioning.  Tough questions are beginning to be asked and the cloak of illusion is beginning to unravel.

An Examination of their Assumptions:  The entire anti-abortion war is based on several completely unprovable assumptions. such as “At every human conception, God creates a brand new soul,”  “Independent human life begins at conception,” and  “A human being is his/her physical body.”     These assumptions are in direct conflict with the Christian Bible . 

and in direct conflict with the religious beliefs of literally billions of other people.. 

An Examination of their Behavior:  Examining the behavior engaged in and/or promoted by the anti-choice leaders exposes lies of omission, distortions of the truth, inflammatory rhetoric, censorship of opposing opinions, threats, harassment, intimidation, violence, vandalism, arson, and murder.  They may claim to be Christian, but they sound like.  Adolph Hitler, act like Joseph Stalin and smell like Attila the Hun.

An Examination of the Resultant Consequences:  Examining the hidden and usually ignored consequences of the "pro-life" leaders’ actions shows them to be producing mostly death and miseryThousands of already-born children die.  for every embryo the no-choice leaders save.  


7)     Religious Freedom:

The abortion conflict is actually a wakeup call.   We, as a society, must decide whether we are going to live our lives in truth and in religious freedom or be dominated by those who would deny religious freedom to all but themselves.  

Secular laws restricting or interfering with a woman's reproductive rights violate the basic principles upon which this country was founded.  Anti-abortion laws violate the United States Constitution which guarantees religious freedom and the separation of church and state.

A close and thorough examination of the ant-abortion war leaves anyone with an open mind with only two conclusions:  Individual reproductive choice must be honored, and this highly devastating and extremely costly war must end.

The only way to actually honor life is to support

religious freedom, 

political freedom, 

sexual freedom, and 

reproductive freedom.  

The no-choice voice opposes all of these freedoms.  

The pro-choice voice supports all of these freedoms.




The Bottom Line      The Bottom Line       ...

The Bottom Line

You have two Choices:


Teach your daughters and grand daughters
how to perform coat-hanger abortions.




See to it that the programs outlined on this
web sites get publicity and funding






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