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We Bring the Light of Truth to the Abortion Issue.

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 Fifty-three Compelling  Reasons Why

The Pro-Life Leaders
Are Not Pro-Life



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The evidence indicates that the actions of the  "pro-life" leaders do not save any lives.   Their actions only transfer death onto different beings at different times and places.

In the process, they precipitate poverty and misery onto millions, and they cause hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of deaths for every fetus they save.





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When one gives only a quick and cursory look at the anti-abortion movement, it looks like some well-meaning people are attempting to save lives.   And, indeed, that is the loving and heartfelt intention of thousands of people active in the cause, BUT....   

A close examination of the underlying evidence and the activities of the no-choice leaders tells us a very different story.

The consequences of the anti-abortion activities 
are quite the opposite of saving lives. 

 Why do we say that?   Because  when you look: 

   behind the surface facade,

   beyond the media hype,

   beyond the emotional rhetoric,

   beyond the half-truths, and distorted truths,


   into  the unexamined, unspoken, and unpublished evidence,

   into  the consequences of outlawing abortion, and

   into  the intentions, words, and behavior of the anti-choice leaders, 

a completely new picture emerges.

The evidence indicates that the actions of the  "pro-life" leaders do not save any lives.   Their actions only transfer death onto different beings at different times and places, and, in the process, they precipitate poverty and misery onto millions, and they cause hundreds of deaths for every fetus they save .   

But please don't believe us.   And don't disbelieve us either.   Examine the list of questions below,  examine other sources of information,   and then answer this questions for yourself:

 Are the "pro-life" leaders really pro-life?  


You are invited to send us your ideas, your opinions, and your suggestions.   What is your truth about abortion?   What is an appropriate course of action to resolve this controversy?   Send us an E-mail 




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
 “pro-life”. . .


pink shinny bullet 1   

When they ignore the 10,000, already-born children who starve to death each and every day or die from curable diseases? 

Is it pro-life to ignoring starving babies?   When $8.00 a month will save a hungry child, how can it be pro-life to spend millions of dollars attempting to save embryos?   Is it pro-life to ignore the hungry, sick, frightened, lonely, and the desperate?  (Readers might also note the biblical condemnation of this practice  in 1 John 3:17.)    

pink shinny bullet 2   

When they deny sexually active teenagers access to both sex education and birth control which results in:

*  millions of unwanted pregnancies,

*  millions of abortions,

*  millions of cases of venereal diseases,

*  hundreds of thousands of hopelessly deformed,

drug-addicted babies,

*  millions of cases of AIDS,

*  millions of deaths from disease and starvation, and

*  hopeless misery for millions more?

pink shinny bullet 3

When they cut off funds to the health clinics°  which serve desperate women in third-world countries simply because those clinics offers birth control information.*1

*1 NEW YORK/GENEVA, 20 October 2003 - New findings on maternal mortality by WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA show that a woman living in sub-Saharan Africa has a 1 in 16 chance of dying in pregnancy or childbirth.  This compares with a 1 in 2,800 risk for a woman from a developed region. 

Experience from successful maternal health programs shows that much of this death and suffering could be avoided if all women had the assistance of a skilled health worker during pregnancy and delivery, and access to emergency medical care when complications arise.

 The above statements were taken directly form the Unicef 
web site: 


pink shinny bullet 4   

When they force third-world women to birth unwanted babies -- babies that they will have to abandon and leave to die because the family cannot care for still another child?

(See L. A. Times, Tuesday, February 22,1994, Page 1, 
The Fight to Save India's Baby Girls

pink shinny bullet 5   

When they cause the needless death of thousands of women each year from botched, illegal abortions?

(some claim that death toll is as high as 200,000 deaths per year.)

The anti-abortion leaders claim to be “Pro-Life,” 

but the evidence shows them to be very much the opposite.




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life”. . .


pink shinny bullet 6   

When they support and endorse policies, laws, and practices that result in poverty, which, in turn, results in the death and misery of millions of adults and children?

 Millions die needlessly - - simply because they cannot afford basic health care.    Poverty also produces increased crime, including murder?   

 "Poverty is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction."

                                                                Quote from:

Doctor James Forbes, Jr., pastor of 
New York's historic Riverside Church


pink shinny bullet 7   

When they support and endorse policies, laws, and practices that result in such abject poverty that some parents actually sell their children into sexual slavery and depravity?

(See the Video “Thailand’s Shame,” Aired Thursday, June 9, 1990 on the ABC Television's News Magazine, "Prime Time Live"; Produced by Janet Tobias.)

pink shinny bullet 8                                                                   Species Extinction Rate   ...

When they support and endorse policies, laws, and practices that result in overpopulation° which is causing the death and extinction of uncounted thousands of unique, irreplaceable life forms on Earth?*2

*2 Present estimates are that life forms on Earth are becoming extinct at the rate of one per hour - - that is 24 extinctions each and every day,  168 extinctions per week,  720 extinctions pre month,  and 8,760** extinctions per year.   That’s an extinction rate equaled only by the demise of the dinosaurs.   And, as you well know, EXTINCTION IS FOREVER!)   

** A more recent estimate of the species extinction rate place the rate at one every twenty minutes, that over 26,000 extinctions per year.° 

The latest estimate (Jan 2002) is that if global worming continues at the present rate, a million species will very likely become extinct in the next fifty years.


pink shinny bullet 9                 Root Cause Major Problem      Root Cause Major Problem...

When they promote policies, laws, and practices that contribute to human overpopulation which is the root cause of every major problem facing humanity today? - - problems such as poverty,  starvation,  overcrowding,  wars,  crime,  gang violence,  child abuse,  environmental destruction,  rainforest destruction,  ozone depletion,  air pollution,  water pollution,  and species extinction.

Human overpopulation is causing a global environmental disaster of proportions not seen since the demise of the dinosaurs.   In the face of this already-in-process disaster, the anti-abortion promoters are denying its existence and proposing the birth of still more people.

The anti-abortion leaders claim to be “Pro-Life.”

But, for every embryo they save,

thousands of innocent children die.




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life”. . .


pink shinny bullet 10   

When they incite, encourage, condone, support, and/or engage in the harassment, intimidation, and the murder of health care professionals?° 

pink shinny bullet 11  

When they incite, encourage, condone, support, and/or engage in harassment, intimidation, vandalism, and arson?

pink shinny bullet 12   

When they intentionally, repeatedly and wantonly invade the privacy and the private lives of those who want nothing more than to be left alone?

pink shinny bullet 13   

When they host a hit list on the Internet° of doctors who provide abortion services and invite others to harass, ridicule, intimidate, threaten, and/or murder these people?

pink shinny bullet 14   

When they hold conventions and publicly praise people who have engaged in criminal activity in support of their cause?

pink shinny bullet 15   

When they distort the truth,°  peddle guilt and shame and pollute the minds of every woman who has ever had an abortion° by calling her “a baby murderer?”

pink shinny bullet 16   

When they degrade health care professionals who provide abortion services by publicly calling them names such as  “serial killers” and  “evil, money-worshipping death-peddlers?”

pink shinny bullet 17   

When they inhibit the distribution of birth control devices and birth control information°  not only in the United States, but also in the impoverished and already-over-populated, third-world countries?

pink shinny bullet 18   

When they inhibit, fight, and block birth control research which could (and eventually will) find a foolproof contraceptive that would virtually eliminate both unwanted pregnancies and almost all abortion?

pink shinny bullet 19   

When they support and endorse policies, laws, and practices that result in the birth of hopelessly deformed babies who will die in infancy?

pink shinny bullet 20   

When they oppose stem cell research which in essence condemns millions to death and condemns millions more to lives filled with disease, misery and suffering?  For an explanation of this, see: "An Example of Anti-Abortion Logic."° 

pink shinny bullet  21    

The anti-abortionists are notorious for their hypocrisy. 

The Global Gag Rule° 

Newt Gingrich  --  The Ultimate Hypocrite°  

The Roman Catholic Encyclopedia --  What is Life° 

The Biblical  Evidence°


Sex and Sin -- God's a Hypocrite° 

Hypocrisy -- Our Main Page° 

The Insanity of Censorship °  

Hidden Agendas°  


Christian Prayers in Public Schools°  

Sins of Lifestyle°  

God Is a Baby Murderer° 

 A very significant number of most outspoken anti choice women have, themselves, had abortions.   It's common knowledge, yet unspoken, that when faced with their own unwanted pregnancy or when faced with their daughter’s unwanted pregnancy, some of the antiabortionists find their anti-choice stance simply disappears until the unwanted pregnancy is dealt with. 

pink shinny bullet 22   

When they work to close health care clinics (and prevent new facilities form opening)  and thus deprive women of vitally needed health care which results in the spread of AIDS and other diseases and causes the birth and death of hundreds of thousands of hopelessly deformed or drug-addicted babies as well as the deaths of hundreds of thousands of adults?  See Item 3, Above

pink shinny bullet 23   

When the evidence indicates that the fundamentalist Christian leaders who are spearheading the anti-abortion movement are carefully following their historic tradition which is a 2000-year-long, bloody legacy of intolerance, intimidation and harassment, intentional deception,  lies of omission,  political and sexual repression,  heterosexual and homosexual hypocrisy,  religious and racial bigotry,  egocentric chauvinism, oppression of women, political tyranny and subjugation,  violence, vandalism, arson, and murder?   Visit some pro-life web sites and see for yourself.°   

pink shinny bullet 24   

When they equate abortion rights with the Nazi holocaust and, at the same time, engage in those same storm trooper tactics they proclaim to despise?   (See reason 25, below.)

pink shinny bullet 25   

When they condone, endorse, promote and/or engage in:

Intentional Deception:°   

Lies of omission  (deceiving others by omitting the truth)  

Peddling half-truths as if they were the whole truth,

Peddling half-lies as if they were the whole truth,

Distorting the truth,


Ignoring or distorting Biblical passages°   

Censorship of opposing views°   

Using inflammatory rhetoric,°   


Egocentric Chauvinism, 

Political and sexual repression,  

Heterosexual and homosexual hypocrisy,

Religious and racial bigotry,  


Oppression of women, 

Political tyranny and subjugation,

Disregard for the rights and beliefs of others


Anti-social and Criminal Behavior:°   

Inciting to riot,    




Invasion of privacy,


Assault against persons, reputations, and property,


Secret criminal behavior




Arson, and



The anti-abortion leaders claim to be “Pro-Life.”

But, now you know the truth - -

They're not pro-life.   They're pro-embryo!




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life”. . .


pink shinny bullet 26   

When they base their entire campaign on unprovable, religious fantasies that directly contradict the religious beliefs of literally billions of other human beings?   (That’s Billions with a “B” - - at least one third of the entire, human population.)   In so doing, they ignore and deny the right of religious freedom to billions of non-believers.°   

pink shinny bullet 27   

When they deny the words of God written in their own Christian Bible? 

Genesis 2:7   “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Job 33:4   “The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty has given me life.

Ecclesiastes 11:5, RSV   “As you do not know how the spirit comes to the bones in the womb of the woman with child, so you do not know the work of God who makes everything.”

pink shinny bullet 28   

When they base their claims on absolutely unprovable assumptions°    such as:

1)   A human being is his or her physical body;

2)   Every time a human egg and sperm unite, God steps in and, by an act of instantaneous, supernatural, transcendental magic, transforms that egg into an eternal, everlasting life-spirit called a human being,

then declare these beliefs to be facts and use these fabricated claims to be proof in support of passing of anti-abortion laws?

pink shinny bullet 29   

When they ignore the legacy of the destroyed and/or seriously damaged environment and the mountains of toxic waste that they will leave for future generations?

1)   Radioactive waste from nuclear power plant has a half life of 50,000 years. 

2)   It takes a giant redwood tree about one thousand years to grow to maturity and about an hour and a half to cut it down.

pink shinny bullet 30   

When they deny the complete lack of scientific evidence about when life begins?


Not even the United Sates Supreme Court, could find even one lick of factual evidence or any scientific research data to support the belief that a separate, independent, individual human life begins at conception.


The anti-abortion leaders claim to be “Pro-Life.”


Just like I’m the tooth fairy and you’re the Easter bunny!




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life”. . .


pink shinny bullet 31 

When they claim the act of creating life is so shameful, sinful, and disgusting that it must be hidden from view?

pink shinny bullet 32   

When they allow their children to see pictures and watch films showing police violence, military violence, and criminal violence?   They allow their children to see graphic pictures and films showing rape, robbery, kidnapping, torture, body mutilations, murder, serial killing, mass murder, and war?   They allow their children to read stories and see films describing embezzlement, extortion, deceit, treachery, and bold-faced lies. . .

while, at the same time, claiming that pictures showing the physical act of creating life (the ultimate act of love between two people) are obscene, degrading and pornographic?” 

pink shinny bullet 33   

When they promote sexual abstinence as the one and only form of birth control and do so in the face of overwhelming evidence that it simply does not stop sexual activity?   Add Link

This unrealistic policy actually increases the numbers of unwanted pregnancies and increases the number of abortions?

pink shinny bullet 34   

When they deny or simply ignore any evidence°   that does not support their point of view?

They are simply out of touch with reality.   See reasons Number 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 32 above, and 34, 35, 37,38, 40, and 41 below.

pink shinny bullet 35   

When they ignore the dozens of their so-called “pro-life” leaders who have been dethroned for violating their own preaching?   (Richard Nixon,  Charles Keating, Jimmy Swaggart, Newt Gingrich, etc.)

pink shinny bullet 36   

When they claim religious freedom for themselves while denying religious freedom to billions°  of others

pink shinny bullet 37   

When they propose and support legislation that actually results in death and misery for millions?

pink shinny bullet 38   

When they ignore the right to life of all non-human life forms?

The anti-abortionists are busy saving embryos while ignoring the plights of rare species like gorillas, tigers, panda bears, orangutans, and polar bears which are facing extinction.

pink shinny bullet 39   

When they claim to believe in the Christian Bible while ignoring everything in it (such as Genesis 2:7)°   which does not support their cause?

pink shinny bullet 40   

When they claim freedom of speech for themselves and deny free speech to others by sponsoring  legislation (such as the Global Gag Rule)°    which prevents others from speaking freely about abortion?

pink shinny bullet 41  

When a significant number of them support the death penalty?

James Dobson Founder of "Focus on the Family"  is an example of a pro-lifer who supports the death penalty.

pink shinny bullet 42   

When they claim to speak the truth while using lies by omission, half truths, distortions of the truth, and highly inflammatory rhetoric, and  the intentional peddling of misinformation.

pink shinny bullet 43  

When they claim to be moral and just while condoning, supporting, endorsing, engaging in intimidation, harassment, threats, assault , violence, vandalism, arson, and murder?


The anti-abortion leaders claim to be “Pro-Life.”

But the evidence shows that the anti-abortion campaign 

could also be labeled  “Hypocrisy Raised to an Art Form.”




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life” ...

u   44   

When they support causes and political regimes that kill thousand of already born children.   Here's just one  example:

Anti-abortionist, George Bush Sr. stopped the 1990-91 Gulf war when American troops were twenty-three kilometers from Saddam Hussein's palace.   Bush intentionally left Hussein in power.   

Over a million and a half Iraqis died between that date and 2003 from malnutrition, medical neglect, and sanitation, and by intentional mass murder under direct orders from Saddam Hussein.   Over half a million of those who died were the weakest: the children, especially very young children.  

How many thousands more adults and innocent children  have died since the staunch pro-lifer, George Bush Jr. started the latest Iraq war?    If the so-called pro-lifer George Sr. had not, in 1991,  bowed to the wishes of those who sell military hardware,  Iraq would be a very different place today.   There would be not present-day War in Iraq.

How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life” ...

u   45   

When they refuse to care for already born children.   

These same people who call themselves pro-life refuse to pay for the social programs that care for children.   For example, Bush and company they loudly touted the "No Child Left Behind Act"  but then refused to provide the money to pay for the program.   This is typical no-choice behavior.   

On and individual bases, once they have pressured, persuaded or otherwise convince a woman to carry her pregnancy to term, the anti-abortions abandon her.   The woman is left to care for the child on her own.




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life” ...

u   46   

When they insist that a fetus has right to be born but are indifferent to its fate after birth.

They simply ignore the fact that both the fetus a newly born baby are completely dependent on the mother.   They ignore the fact that babies deprived of good care, either pre- or post-natally, are seriously at risk physically and emotionally.   

By their actions and by the laws they impose onto others, they literally force an unwilling women who already have too many children to birth still another child.   The fact that that baby will starve to death is, to them irrelevant.   




Outlawing abortion is like playing a variation of Russian roulette where it's your turn until the gun goes off.

u   47  

Humans have turned planet Earth into a cosmic version of the Titanic and the anti-abortion promoters have us fighting over the deck chairs!

By their support of anti-choice laws (such as restrictions on foreign aid)°  and by their opposition to certain practices, the anti-abortion promoters deny sex education, birth control, and abortion to millions in third-world countries while the impoverished overpopulation°  in these countries is busy cutting down what’s left of the rain forests to feed still more unwanted children.   The rain forests are not only the homes for most life forms on this planet, these forests are also an essential requirement for a stable global environment.

In the developed countries, to accommodate the increasing population, people are busy building still more factories and cars which produce even more pollution.   Pollution is destroying the ozone layer at a phenomenal rate and has already begun to produce an irreversible, environmental disaster of as-yet unimaginable proportions.

The anti-abortion leaders claim to be “Pro-Life.”

But, when you examine the evidence, that evidence 

shows them to be much more in support of “Death and Misery.”




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life” ...

u   48   

When they take hundreds of millions of dollars that they could use for saving the lives of already-born children and throw that money away on attempting to force unwilling women to become mothers?

*1 LONDON, 21 October 2003 - Drawing from the largest, most accurate survey sample of children ever assembled, a new UNICEF-sponsored report has found that over one billion [over one-thousand million] children suffer the severe effects of poverty.  The survey measures the extent of child poverty, in terms not only of income, but of deprivation of basic human rights such as shelter, food, water, sanitation, health, education and information.   

UNICEF says that the physical, emotional and intellectual impairment that poverty inflicts on children can mean a lifetime of suffering and want - and a legacy of poverty for the next generation.  

 The above statements were taken directly form the Unicef 
web site: 


u   49  

When they take millions of hours of productive labor that they could use saving the lives of already-born children and waste that time peddling a fabricated fantasy about when an individual human life begins?

u   50  

When they take valuable and limited resources that they could use for saving the lives of already-born children and squander those resources attempting to deny religious and personal freedom to literally billions of people?

u   51   

When they force those who support freedom of choice to also waste

hundreds of millions of dollars,

millions of hours of productive labor time

valuable and limited resources

that could also be used for saving the lives of already-born children - - force them to use that time, that labor and those resources to defend themselves against the malicious attacks that are regularly perpetrated against the persons, property, reputations, and the legal rights of those who support freedom of choice?




How can the no-choice leaders call themselves
“pro-life” ...

u   52   

When the evidence shows that their real interest is gaining political power!

They have openly proclaimed their intention to dominate the Republican political structure°   and, in so doing, create what they call a “Christian America.”

u   53   

When the evidence shows them to be the ultimate child abusers!

Is there a crueler form of child abuse than to be
 abandoned and left to die of disease or starvation?

Thanks to the efforts

of the anti-abortion leaders,

another 40,000 children

won't go to bed hungry tonight.



So now can you see that the only way

to actually be pro-life is to be Pro-Choice?



Do we speak the truth?   Or are we just spreading another lie? 
send us an E-mail.
°      Express  your opinion.   
We'll post the most informative letters
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The ABC's of Abortion

The  ABC' s  of  Abortion Rights

The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that The only way to be pro-life is to be pro-choice..


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Fifty Compelling  Reasons Why The Pro-Life Leaders Are Not Pro-Life





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