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We Bring the Light of Truth to the Abortion Issue.


Seventeen Reasons  Why

We Are Pro-Choice



Reasons Nine Through Twelve 




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9- Defy God and Deny Bible   ...    


The Anti-abortion Leaders 
Defy God and Deny Their Own Bible


The anti-abortion leaders claim to be Christians.   They claim to believe that the Christian Bible is the literal word of God.   They tell others to follow the Bible's teachings.   BUT,  do they practice what they preach?   Here are just five of the dozens of relevant Biblical passages. that the Anti-abortionist conveniently ignore:

Genesis 2:7

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

* clearly states that life as a human being begins at first breath.

Job 33:4

"The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty has given me life."

*  reinforces the Genesis 7:2 statement that breath is the place where God acknowledges His creation as being alive.

Ecclesiastes 11:5, RSV

"As you do not know how the spirit comes to the bones in the womb of the woman with child, so you do not know the work of God who makes everything.”

*  clearly distinguishes between the body and the spirit and also says that humans don’t know how God functions or when the spirit enters the physical form.

Ezekiel 37:1-10

"…Thus says the Lord God to these bones:  Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you and you shall live…  Come from the four winds O breath and breathe into these slain that they may live…  and the breath came into them and they lived and stood up upon their feet…"

*  describes how God takes the dried bones of dead soldiers and with breath, causes them to live.

John 8:32

"...Know the truth and the truth will make you free"   

*  If truth brings freedom what comes from ignoring and denying the truth?    What comes from lies of omission?.


Perhaps we should pay more attention to 
three additional Biblical passages:   

"By their fruits, you shall know them."  

 (Matt 7:20) 

"Be aware of wolves in sheep's clothing."    

(Matt 7:15)

"And whoever shall cause one of these little ones who believes in me to stumble, it is better for him that an ass’s millstone were hanged on his neck, and that he were thrown into the sea."

 (Mark 9:42)


10       ...

abandoned Truth-Intentional Deception   ...


In promoting their cause, 
the no-choice leaders have abandoned 
the truth in favor of intentional deception.


For example, terms like "pre-born baby,"   "partial birth abortion," and  "pro-life,"  are intentionally designed to distort the truth, and elicit emotional support for their cause.   There is much more misleading language, but let's look more closely at just these three phrases:


Pre-born Baby:  To claim that a single human cell is a pre-born baby is to claim that one, single, incomplete, dependent, unsustainable cell (so small it’s almost invisible to the naked eye) is the same as a breathing, laughing, crying, 3,000,000,000,000 (three trillion) cell human baby.   That’s like saying a redwood tree seed (which is about the size of a grain of rice) is the same as a thousand- year-old, thirty-seven-ton redwood tree.

 Partial-birth Abortion   .... 

Partial-birth Abortion:  Partial-birth abortion has absolutely nothing to do with birth.   It's a very deceptive term contrived by the anti-abortion promoters designed to elicit emotion and sympathy for their cause by implying that fetuses are routinely and arbitrarily killed during the normal birthing process.   

The  line “partial birth abortion,” is a highly emotionally, even gut-wrenching phrase, that immediately paints grotesque pictures in the minds of almost anyone who hears it.   As soon as it was coined, all the other no-choice supporters immediately jumped on it and all of them used it every chance they got.    The result is that, almost overnight, it changed the image of what an abortion is.   It painted a false, surrealistic picture of every abortion being a wanton act of murdering a baby.

By using this language, the anti-abortion leaders are intentionally miseducating the public.   It implies that normal healthy women in the middle of birthing normal, healthy, full-term babies arbitrarily decide they don’t want the baby and so simply murder the fetus before it has a chance to fully emerge from the birth canal and take its first breath.

The no-choice promoters use "partial birth abortion" in place of the correct technical term for a special, relatively rare, late-term abortion, called a D & X abortion (D & X is an abbreviation for "dilate and extract,")      Its use is normally restricted to instances in which:  A) The fetus is already dead; or  B) The life of the fetus must be terminated in order to save the woman’s life or to avoid very serious injury and long term or permanent disability to her.   The no-choice promoters routinely refer to this type of abortion as though it were the normal, everyday method of pregnancy termination.


Here's some information that they conveniently leave out:   According to most studies, ninety percent of all abortions occur before ten weeks of gestation.   At four weeks the embryo is only one fifth of an inch long.  At eight weeks it's only one inch long.   At three months, the embryo is only three and a half inches long and weighs only one and one half ounces.

Spontaneous Abortions    Spontaneous Abortions     ...

Spontaneous Abortions:   Depending upon which data you believe, fifty to seventy-five percent of all pregnancies spontaneously abort.   Most impregnated eggs never attach to the uterine wall.   They flow out with the woman's body with the menstrual flow.


And One Really Puzzling Question:  What do you suppose God does with all those newly created, but abandoned and discarded human beings?   They're so small they're almost invisible.   Each one is about the size of a pencil dot on a piece of paper.   God could fit about three billion of them in a container the size of only one newly born baby.   And here He has millions of his new humans being randomly discarded all over the planet every year!

Remember, according to the anti-abortionists, God creates each new human being as a physical body every time a human egg and sperm unite.   It doesn't matter where or under what circumstances that union occurs.   Does God collect all these his brand new human beings and deliver them somewhere?   Does he just leave them lying all over the place.  What about the millions of new humans that get flushed down the world's  toilets?   Imagine for a moment what happens to them.   That's pretty gross thing for a loving God to do to millions of his own children.   Remember now, these are eternal, everlasting human being who are getting flushed down the worlds toilets.   It makes you kind of wonder -- Is god really that stupid or that cruel?

It also makes you wonder about another possibility:   Is it possible that the anti-abortionist's story about God's conception magic act is related to the stories about the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.    Is it possible that the anti-abortionist's story about God's Conception Magic Act. is just another no-choice fairytale?   

Perhaps, humans beings are not their physical bodies..   Perhaps the Christian Bible is correct when it says in Genesis 2:7,. that life comes to the physical body with the breath.   Perhaps the billions of people who believe in reincarnation are correct.   Perhaps human beings really are eternal divine beings and not just physical bodies.   Perhaps abortion isn't an act of murder, after all.  Perhaps the zygote (the fertilized egg) is only a blueprint for the making of a human body.   Perhaps an abortion is simply halting work at a construction site.

Perhaps?     Perhaps?   Perhaps?   Questions?   Questions?   Questions?   Lot's of questions and not very many factually based answers.  Lot's of questions and lots of fairytale answers.


Pro-life:  The Anti-abortionists are about as Pro-life as Osama Bin Laden is Pro-American.   At least with Bin Laden, you know where he stands.   For examples of the true nature and the true intentions of the anti-abortion leaders, see these two pages:    The Anti-abortion war is about  About  Politics°  -- It's NOT  About   Saving Babies !    and      Controversy Sells - And Its a multi-billion-dollar business°   

For cost of the anti-abortion war, see reason number six above  The Cost of the Anti-abortion War Staggers the Imagination.°   To see what our anti-choice friends are actually producing, see the page titled:  Fifty Compelling  Reasons Why The Pro-Life Leaders Are Not Pro-Life.°   

And to see the mindlessness  of those heading the charge back to coat-hanger abortions, see Reason Number Eleven below-- The No-choice Leaders Are Simply Out of Touch with Reality.


There is a vast discrepancy between the factual evidence regarding abortion and the story about abortion  being peddled by the anti-abortion leaders.



out of touch with reality    ...


The no-choice leaders are simply 
out of touch with reality.



The Adoption Option:  Another common story you've probably heard is having someone else adopt the unwanted children.   Stop and think about this for a moment.   Are you willing give your child away to a stranger and never see him or her again?   Of course not!   Such an act goes counter to the most basic human nature and produces extremely traumatic emotions in most women.   Emotional traumas of this magnitude often affect women for the rest of their lives.   It also places a great psychological  burden on many of the children who are literally given away.

And considering the complexities of adoption, the horrendous hurdles set up by governments regarding it, and the staggering number of willing parents that would be required to care for these children,  adoption is an unrealistic solution to unwanted pregnancy.   It's  in the same category as  teaching sexual abstinence as the one and only solution to unwanted pregnancy.   

And what do you do with the millions of deformed babies from drug addicted mothers?   How many of these babies have the ant-abortion leaders adopted?**  

And how about those 40,000 already-born children who die each and every day for lack of food and/or lack of basic health care?   Who's out there adopting them?   

We already have far more babies and young children than we could possibly adopt.   As practical a solution to the problem of unwanted children, the adoption alternative is just another anti-abortion fairytale.  

                  **Ref-27a  Is Adoption a realistic alternative? 



Just Say No:  The anti-abortion leaders are adamantly opposed to sex education and declare that society should rely complete and exclusively on the “Just Say No” technique as the one and only method of avoiding unwanted pregnancy.    There's one little problem with this technique -- IT DOESN'T WORK!   Did prohibition stop alcohol use?  Do anti-dug laws stop drug use?  As the only answer, "just say no" is a completely unrealistic method of avoiding unwanted pregnancies.    Humans are sexual beings.   To deny that fact is to live in a fantasy world.   Examine the full text of:   Just Say No..

By stifling and opposing sex education and all forms of birth control, the anti-abortion promoters are responsible for millions of unwanted pregnancies and millions of abortions..


Already-born Babies:  The anti-abortionist leaders publicly say: “We oppose abortion because our intention is to save the lives of innocent babies.” If saving innocent lives actually is their goal, they are doing a dismally poor job.   If saving innocent lives was their real intention, they'd focus their efforts on the millions of already-born-babies that are desperately in need of care, but aren’t getting that care.

With the time, money and labor they now consume attempting to force unwilling women to bear unwanted children they could save hundreds of thousands more lives.   This approach would be infinitely more productive and infinitely more  successful, and  they could do this without insulting, angering, and alienating millions of people who are not devout Catholics or fundamentalist Christians.

They could start with the 40,000 children who die each day for lack of food and/or lack of basic health care..   When they have that problem solved then let's talk about saving embryos.  


The anti-abortion leaders may be pro-embryo, but they certainly are not pro-life!   



The Real Intention    The Real Intention          ...  


The real intention 
of the anti-abortion leaders 
is to promote their political agenda.


Hidden Agendas:

If you examine the motives behind the abortion controversy you’ll find that the pro-choice leaders have all their cards on the table.   Their agenda is protecting a woman’s right to choose whether or not to become a mother -- that and nothing more.  

When you examine the motives of the anti-abortion leaders, you’ll find an extensive and perverse hidden agenda..   Their motives reach far beyond the simple intention of saving innocent lives.   Actually their intentions have almost nothing to do with saving babies.   Simply examine what they do. and the results they produce. and that becomes obvious.  

The real intention of the anti-abortion leaders is to promote their political agenda..    They have openly proclaimed their intention to dominate the Republican political structure and, in so doing, create what they call a “Christian America.” 

But don't believe me!   Read it for yourself in the words of one of the movement's most adamant anti-abortionists, Ralph Reed.   (His book:   Active Faith - How Christians Are Changing the Soul of American Politics, By Ralph Reed; The Free Press;  New York, NY; 1996.)   

The No-Choice Political Hit List:

The ultraconservative religious leaders spearheading the anti-abortion war strongly oppose sex education;  they oppose birth control;  they oppose birth control research;  they oppose stem cell research;.  they oppose all funding to domestic, foreign, and third-world health programs that in any way include birth control or sex education;  they oppose every religion except their own;  until recent years they have been notorious, racial bigots;  they vehemently oppose anything that depicts sexual activity;  they oppose gay rights; and they also strongly oppose sex itself, unless, of course, it’s in strict accordance with their religious dogma.  

And in their attempt to dominate the Republican political structure, they are actually being quite successful.  If you watch what "Resident" Bush is doing in the White House you'll notice he's paying his political debt to the anti-abortionists without whom he never would have won the 2000 presidential election.   Mr. Bush appointed the ultra-conservative, anti-sexual,  antiabortionist, John Ashcroft  to the position of Attorney General;  he has re-implemented the Global Gag Rule;.  he opposes stem cell research;  and he speaks in favor of repealing of Roe v Wade which would again criminalize abortions.  

In July 2001, Ralph Reed was the Georgia Republican Party Chairman.   He is now (May 2002) one of George Bush’s presidential advisors.   Pat Robertson, one of the most adamant and outspoken no-choice leaders, even initiated a political campaign hoping to place himself in the position of President of the United States.   

In the process of creating a Christian theocracy in America, their anti-abortion stance is little more than a convenient tool.   I say this because if their true intention were saving innocent lives, they are doing a dismally poor job.   
(See Section Six above,  The Cost of the Anti-abortion War)


Here's an example of their political power in action:   

In the 2000 Republican primary, the anti-abortion leaders spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (perhaps even million of dollars)  to defeat Senator John McCain and to promote George Bush.   Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson and the other staunch anti-abortion promoters bad mouthed John McCain at every opportunity and lauded George Bush as if he were God’s own messenger.

Bush and McCain both proclaimed themselves to be staunchly pro- life, so why spend millions of dollars promoting Bush and condemning McCain?   Why not save all that money and use it to defeat Al Gore?   

The answer is simply.   It's just not obvious.   John McCain proposed campaign reform which would have interfered with their political intentions.   Bush strongly opposed campaign reform.

In short, the separation of church and state that our founding fathers so strongly honored is under serious attack.   And anybody who knows anything about politics or history knows that when agents of religious bigotry gain governmental powers, political repression, economic stagnation, and violence soon follow.   And personal freedom gets flushed down the toilet.

Do you want  right wing Christians running our government and forcing you to practice the anti-abortionists'  religion?   If your answer is no, I've got sad news for you.   They're already doing it!   And if you think it's bad now, you haven't seen anything yet.


Money! Money! Money!   

If you want to know the real motivation behind any major activity on planet Earth, including abortion, simply follow the money trail.   The anti-abortion war is a huge money maker!   It's also a key that unlocks the door to political power.   It's a very effective tool for manipulating the gullible, the uninformed and the misinformed.  And, it's also a fantastic ego booster for those spearheading the anti-abortion movement.


The anti-abortion leaders claim to be saving innocent lives, but the evidence shows that their  efforts could more accurately  be labeled  “The Christian America Campaign.”




Sixteen Reasons Why I'm Pro-choice

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