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Regardless of how you feel about sex education, unwanted pregnancy,  birth control,  or abortion, this 
pro-choice, pro-truth, & pro-life website will give you a view of the anti- abortion controversy that we'll guarantee
  you've never seen before.   Religious freedom, political freedom, personal freedom, and Pro-choice go hand in hand.    :::  ...


The ABC' s of Abortion Rights

The  ABC's  of

Forced  Motherhood

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The ABC's of Forced Motherhood

The  ABC's  of  Abortion Rights




   Abortion and Religion

The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that: 

 .Abortion is a Religious Freedom Issue!.

.Examine the Evidence° 


Babies and Deception

The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that: 

.The Anti-abortion war is about  About  Money & Politics.

It's NOT  About   Saving Babies !

.Examine the Evidence° 


Commitment and  Community

The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that: 

Together, We Can Insure that Abortion Remains Legal

Examine the Evidence ° 



Also see the page titled:

The Reasonables° 

A Pro-choice Novel and Film 
Addressing the Moral Values Issue

And explaining how to Keep Abortion Legal



"D" is for "Deception"

*  Deception -- Intentional Deception°                                                                     CH-19

*  God's Conception-Magic Act°                                                                                CH-17

*  Deception -- The Con Artists and Manipulator's Guidebook°                             PT-62

*  Deceptive Language Exposed °                                                                             Pt-b48


*  Lies of Omission -- Book Excerpt°                                                                         CH-93

*  Lies of Omission, By their Fruits°                                                                           PT-64

*  Lies of Omission, Mark Twain°                                                                          PT-76-lo

*  Lies -- How the Truth Lies°                                                                                  PT-b78


*  Lies -- The Biggest Lie About Lies°                                                                      CH-19

*  Money, Ego, and Power°                                                                                       PT- 72



"E" is for "Evil"

u  Recognizing Evil°                                                                                                   PT-70a

u  Recognizing Evil -- Exposing the Lie °                                                                    Pt-64

u  Recognizing Evil -- The Mark of a Master Con Artist,  ... °                                PT-70a

u  Recognizing Evil -- The Master of Deception°                                                      PT-12

u  Money --  The Great God, Money°                                                                      PT-70b



"F" is for "Forced Motherhood"

u  Forced Motherhood  -- The Price Women Pay °                                                 PT-05f#

u  The Truth about the No-choice Leaders °                                                            PT-08

u  The Anti-abortion War Is About Politics°     It's NOT  About  Saving Babies !  PT-72



"G" is for "God"

u  God -- Do You Believe in God? °                                                                           CH-73

u  God,  Imagine a God Like This°                                                                             CH-16

u  God Is a Baby Murderer°                                                                                        CH-17

u  God Is My Grand Father °                                                                                       TR-co

u  God Versus Religion°                                                                                               PT-56

u  God -- Voting for the Republican Version of God°                                            CH-33-9

u  God's Conception-Magic Act°                                                                                CH-17

u  God's Conception-Magic Act,  Big D' Perspective on...°                                      PT-12

u  God's Cosmic Trash Bin°                                                                                      CH-17#

u  God -- The Great God, Money°                                                                             PT-7-b

u  God -- What Is God?°                                                                                         CH-r30#

u  Taking Back to so-called Christianity°                                                                  CH1776



"H" is for "Hypocrisy"

u  Hypocrisy -- A Hidden Agenda°                                                                           PT-98#

u  Hypocrisy  -- Newt Gingrich°                                                                               PT-30#

u  Hypocrisy -- Several Examples of N0-choice Hypocrisy°                                   PT-104

u  Hypocrisy -- The No-choice people and Hypocrisy°                                          PT-87#

u  Hypocrisy -- The Pro-Truth team and Hypocrisy°                                           PT-PT-87

u  Hypocrisy -- The Sins of Lifestyle°                                                                      Ch-r73

u  Hypocrisy and the Roman Catholic Church°                                                         CH-74

u  Hypocrisy at its Sleaziest -- The Global Gag Rule°                                            PT-30#

u  Hypocrisy in American Sex Education°                                                                PT-85#

.academy award 


"M" is for "Manipulation"  --  The Ten Letter Four Letter Word.

u  Manipulator's and Con Artist's Guidebook°                                                            PT-62

u  How to Win with Losing Issues °                                                                                                   CH-14

u  The Anti-abortion global Gag Rule... °                                                                                      PT-30#

u  The Definition of a Hidden Intention  °                                                                                      PT-98#

u  Manipulation and Deception°                                                                                  66md

u  Money and the Anti-abortion War -- a Multi-billion-dollar relationship°                CH-14



"P" is for

.The Pro-Truth Team.

Regardless of how you feel about sex education,
unwanted pregnancy,  birth control,  or abortion, this
pro-choice, pro-truth, & pro-life website will give you a view of the
anti- abortion controversy that we'll guarantee you've never seen before.

The Pro-Truth Team




"S" is for "Sanity -- Common Sense -- Logic --  &  Reason"

u  S. S. I.  --  Sexual Sanity -- Sexual Security --  Sexual Intimacy°               CH-371

Disease-free, Sexual Activity that Avoids Pregnancy 

u  The Reasonables                                                                                                     CH-33

A Pro-choice Novel and Film Addressing the Moral Values Issue and
Explaining How to Keep Abortion Legal

u  A Political Wakeup Call°                                                                                         CH-25

u Spiritual Awareness°                                                                                                Tr-1

u  Post-abortion Mental Health °                                                                                 CH-3

u  The Real Truth About Abortion °                                                                            CH-77

u  Just Say NO! to Sex °                                                                            CH-77

u  It's Time for Christians to Take Back Christianity °                                            CH-1776

u  How to End the Anti-abortion War°                                                          Tr-103 



"T" is for "The Truth Challenge"

An  Abortion  Truth  Challenge° 


truth from fiction, 
facts from fairytales,   
and let the truth lead us where it will.



"U" is for "Universal Spiritual Principles"

u  The Three Universal Laws°                                                                                                  joy101-bc-02

Law of Allowing°   

Law of Intentional Creation°  

Law of Thought°  

u  The Law of Thought Is in the Bible°                                                                   CH-39#

u  Spiritual Perspective on Life and on Abortion°                                                      PT-75



"V" is for

The Voice of Choice°
Exposing the Relationship of Abortion to 
Health, Personal Freedom, Religion, and Politics


If  we  Told  You "The Real Truth"  About
Sex,  Money,  Fame,  Power, 

and the Anti-abortion War, '
You Wouldn't Believe US.
So we won't.   We'll let  
"The Evidence" speak for itself.

The Voice of Choice '




"W" is for

"When Are You Going to Wakeup and Assist Us?

Contact  Us  '  



Tools for Transformation


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This  page includes numerous Biblical passages that, collectively,  give readers a very different picture of reality than the one we've heard from the fundamentalist Christian leaders.



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